Tourism in and around Kampala

By Summer tours and travel on 30 Aug 2016

Kampala is uganda's national and commercial capital, it is boardering Lake Victoria Africa's largest lake. Kampala is also known as East Africa's "happy city". In terms of tourism we may not be wrong to say that Kampala is the best basing on the attractions and activities that take place in the city.

Kampala is gifted with tourism attractions like Gaddafi National mosque, Kibuli mosque where moslems around the country conduct prayers from and even non moslems go just to visit those mosques, we have the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre which harbors wild animals like Snakes, Lions, Giraffe, and many others including birds. The Bahai temple which started in 1951 and its the only bahai faith in Africa so people move from different parts of the world to visit this temple and worship. Uganda Martyrs Shrine where 22 christians were killed by Kabaka Mwanga because of their faith also attracts tourist who want more informaion about the martyrs. Kasubi tombs, this is a place where the kings of Buganda are barried and in this place cultural tourism is experienced. Uganda Museaum,this is the place where things of long ago are kept, it expalins the history of Buganda and Uganda at large, the Uganda Museaum also provides proffessional knowledge and information regarding the archaelogy and paleontology of Uganda hence being one of Uganda's tourist attractions. Lubiri (or Mengo Palace) is the royal compound of the Kabaka or king of Buganda, located in Mengo, a suburb of Kampala, it was constructed in 1922 and one can book an online ticket to reach this place where you will get to know more about Buganda and its people. Namirembe cathedral the oldest cathedral in Uganda which mobilises christians (protestants) from different places for worship, prayers, holy matrimony and many other Godly activities. Rubaga Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church. This cathedral was restored for the Pope's visit to Uganda. its a place of worship for catholics and visited by many christians.

There are also many activities that take place in and around kampala like Kampala city carnival which is organised by Kampala Capital City Authority evey year, it is enjoyed by many people and so attractive, shopping also takesplace in the city, there is sports, city walks, we have night dance, comedy night which helps in relation, kampala vintage cars which has turned into an helpfull activity for the needy and many other activities. 

One shouldnot worry about resting while in Kampala we have plenty of Hotels, Lodges, Appartments. there hotels in Kampala like Munyonyo Common Wealth Resort, Kampala Serena hotel, Speke hotel, Fairway hotel, Sheraton Kampala hotel, Hilton hotel, Golf Course hotel, Hotel Africana to mention but a few.

Kampala has different transport means like taxis (matatu) which are public transport means and very cheap, one can pick these taxis from the tax park or at any of the stages in Kampala. There are also special hires which take 1-5 passangers from one place to another, boda bodas are also available in Kampala, they are so fast, not so much affected by traffic jam but dangerous in terms of causing accidents. Uber taxis that can be booked online and pick you where you are, they are fast cheap and comfirtable. Visit Kampala Capital City and you will not regret.