Quick facts

Capital Nairobi
Population 48,508,000
Timezone GMT+3
Languages English, Kiswahili
Currency (KSH) Kenyan Shillings

Kenya is a land of varied beauty that sums up many travelers dreams. The country continues to welcome many visitors, many of whom make countless return visits, charmed by the vast natural beauty that includes spectacular wildlife and birdlife, endless miles of pristine beach on the Indian Ocean shoreline.

Kenya has Africa's second highest peak, Mt. Kenya, the scenic landscapes of the Great Rift Valley, extensive scope of the world's second largest freshwater Lake Victoria, pleasant, warm tropical weather, and a rich, diverse cultural heritage. Kenya is the "Safari Capital of the world".

It has been since the 1990's when the royalty, aristocracy, politicians and movie stars flocked there to hunt the "Big Five'(lion, rhino, buffalo, elephants and Leopard). Today she boasts an incredible 56 national parks and reserves.

Kenya's attractions include the famous big five, the fabulous sugar pink flamingoes found in the rift valley lakes of Nakuru, Bogoria, Elementeita and Magadi. The maasai and the Mara, the maasai people have captured the imagination of the world with their red cloaks, proud demeanor, mystic love of their cattle and intricate beadwork.

Their ancestral homeland meanwhile , masai mara is kenya's most famous national park and the scene of the world-famous annual migration of the wildebeest. Enjoy the mountain climbing and trekking, camel trekking and horse-riding.

Kenya's Indian ocean beaches are ranked among the top ten in the world while her stunning array of marine parks offer coral gardens, rainbow fish and water that is warm and clear all year. Not forgetting the unique Swahili culture of the Kenyan coastline, a colourful fusion of Arab, African and Portuguese influences, has created a pace of life, a style of cuisine and a mosaic of architecture, heritage, myth and magic that is unique.