Quick facts

Capital Bujumbura
Population 10.4 million
Timezone GMT+2
Languages French, English, Kiswahili
Currency Burundian Franc

Burundi's tourism is one of the fastest developing economic segment of the country and continues to show promise of growth well into the future. Walking from a difficult past, the Burundi government has made concentrated efforts to rehabilitate the economy by devising successful economic policies which aim to bolster and speed up the development of the country. Burundi is referred as "The Switzerland of Africa".

A land of colourful diversity, Burundi is characterized by the stunning range of mountains that have earned it the title" The Switzerland of Africa". Only recently emerged from decades of unrest, Burundi's unique tourism experiences include sampling fish pulled fresh from the lake in Bujumbura's many shoreline restaurants, visits to the nation's pristine national parks, walking and trekking tours, and the un missable opportunity of seeing the mighty royal 'drums of Gishora' in full thundering action.

Burundi's attraction include a boat ride on the longest lake in the world Lake Tanganyika, Bird watching on the kirundu bird lake, Watching the Chimpanzees of Ruvubu National park and looking at the hippo filled Ruvubu River, Seeing the maginificient water falls of Karera and Thermal springs of Muhweza and Muyange from the beautiful Mount Bibimbi.

Retire in the hot, sulty and buzzing Burundi capital Bujumbura standing on the shores of lake Tanganyika that offers a wide range of accommodation, retail and leisure options and a relaxed nightlife that traditionally centers on the many restaurants and clubs that cluster the lake shore. Buy Burundi by taking home beads, hand-made jewellery, art ceramics and painted calabashes.