Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls also known as  Kabalega Falls, it is a waterfall between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert on the White Nile River in Uganda. Sir Samuel and Florence Baker were the first Europeans to find them and Baker named them after Sir Roderick Murchison, president of the Royal Geographical Society. The falls lend their name to the surrounding Murchison Falls National Park. The park was first gazzetted in 1926 as a game reserve and covers an area of 3893sqkm.  Murchison falls lies at the north end of Albertine rift valley where the bunyoro escarpment tumbles into the palm-dotted savannah. It was the first park to be gazzetted in Uganda and the largest with 76 mammal species and 451birds. The park is 260km from Kampala through Pakwach road which crosses the Nile at karuma falls bridge in the northeastern corner of the park. These gates are convenient for the people travelling to or from Gulu and kidepo national park.  

It can also be accessed through the southern entrance to Parra leading out to Masindi town. Its 4hrs drive (305km) from Kampala if you take the Masindi route. The route via Masindi will give you a chance to Ziwa rhino sanctuary a home for the wild rhinos. The second route though longer but more scenic runs from Masindi to the park’s Bugungu gate that passes through Budongo forest reserve and is 440km from Kampala.  

Air Travel is another means that can be used to access the park at Pakuba Airfield 19km from north Paraa using chartered aircraft from Entebbe international airport or Kajjasi airfield near Kampala.

Murchison fall national park is endowed with outstanding attractions that one cannot miss but to visit.

Murchison falls national park is acquitted with numerous stopovers like Ziwa rhino sanctuary in Masindi where you will track a number of rhinos, Budongo Forest reserve a home of different primates and quite a large number of bird species.

Game viewing drive and launch trip at the source of the Nile

Game drive is done very early in the morning after breakfast around 6am at  Bugili on the northern bank with a trained guide it’s a fantastic way to see a wide range of animals in the Nile valley. Our guide will take you through to where the lions are hiding and you will be able to spot a leopard at dusk.  You will return to the lodge for lunch and later in the day you will have a launch trip upstream presenting astonishing display of other wild animals like the buffaloes, crocodile, hippos and bird species on a tranquil sundown cruise.

Hiking and Nature walks

Hiking and Nature walks through Kaniyo Pabidi and Rabongo forests provides sights of many primates and bird species around the Nile delta you will have a chance to see the shoebills for 2 to 4hours on a guided walk.

Birding; is done on both launch trips and game drives which gives you an opportunity to see  very many bird species  around the savannah forests , Albertine Rift and Water.

Accommodation for luxury accommodation Paraa safari lodge and Chobe safari lodge are recommended and for standard stay Pakuba safari lodge is recommended.

Best season; to visit Murchison Falls National Park the dry seasons of December to February and June to September are recommended.