Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park is 234 kilometers east of Kampala and can be accessed through the tarmac roads of Jinja to Mbale in the west before reaching Kapchorwa in the North West. The park covers an area of 1,110 square kilometers it is named after Mount Elgon, an extinct shield volcano on the border of Uganda and Kenya. It is a home for over 300 species of birds and endangered mammals. Joining with the fauna and flora, the park has a variety of attractions that includes cliffs, caves, waterfalls, gorges, mesas, calderas, hot springs, and the mountain peaks. The most popular areas are the four explorable, vast caves where frequent night visitors such as elephants and buffaloes come to lick the natural salt found on the cave walls. Kitum cave, with overhanging crystalline walls.

Activities done in Mount Elgon National park

Mountain Biking takes about 1.5hours and provides a scenic view of the water falls.

Birding is a brilliant exploration through forest and thick scrub that  support, African Goshawk, Chubb’s Cisticola, White-chinned Prinia, African Blue Fly-catchers, Chin-spot Batis, MacKinnon’s Fiscal, Doherty’s and Luhder’s Bush-Shrikes and Baglafecht Weaver.

Mountain Climbing; visiting Mount Elgon presents an interesting alternative of climbing to the peaks with milder climate and lower elevation.

Hiking; The Forest has three trails ranging between 3 and 7 km. These trails offer an excellent opportunity to experience Mt. Elgon’s unique plants and wildlife. A fourth trail has recently been opened to reach the enormous Tutum Cave, 11 km from the center. This trail offers an opportunity to see wildlife such as Black and White Colobus Monkeys and a variety of birds. The other activities present are Mountain biking, Nature walks which exposes you to flora and fauna, Sport fishing and Rock climbing as well as cultural encounters such as the Embalu cultural dance and their livelihood.

Accommodation facilities are available in the park as well as outside include Sipi River lodge positioned outside sipi trading center along Kapochrwa road for luxury stay, kayegi hotel for standard stay and Mt Elgon View hotel, suam guest house and Lacam lodge for budget accommodation.                 

Best Season; although the park is open all year round, the best months to visit are the dry months of June- august and later from December to February.